The first spaced-repetition powered note-taking tool that lets you structure knowledge exactly in the way you think about it.


Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized — all in one tool. Write connected notes with rich format and Export to markdown, pdf, etc.

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Programmer's notebook, math + Markdown, code snippet.

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Findings App

Your research assistant & lab notebook, all in one app.


Taskade is a beautiful project management tool for both personal use and team collaborations. Taskade ships with task management and …

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Multi-platform tool to track and analyze tasks.

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Anydo comes with a very useful daily review and reminder. Anydo also integrates with its own utilities such as calenders.

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Not so lightweight but still very good for managing life especially since it has got a lot of integrations from a lot of other services.

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Google Keep

Google Keep is light-weight. It comes with powerful search. The App ships with simple drawing and handwriting.

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Microsoft To Do

Task management tool backed by Microsoft and works on most platforms.

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